5 Things We Learnt From ‘Harry Styles: Behind the Album’


While we’ve spent our entire weekend listening to Harry Styles‘ new self-titled album, we decided to take some time out (about an hour tops) to watch the brand new documentary he and Ben Winston created, aptly named ‘Harry Styles: Behind the Album‘, which is exclusive to Apple Music.

The hour-long film takes you behind the scenes of the creation of Harry’s debut solo record, introducing you to people he worked with and giving more insight into his life as the former One Direction member spreads his wings to create his own music.

It was pretty incredible to see young Harold mature and transition into this solo artist, and there were a few key things we learnt about him from the documentary…

1. 6/10 of the album’s songs were written in the first week of being in Jamaica

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As we’re all aware, Harry spent a lengthy two months in Jamaica where he could roam free and truly concentrate on working on his album. According to Mr. Styles, six out the ten songs that are on the album were written within the first seven to ten days of being in Jamaica. Clearly a change of scenery was inspiring for him.

2. Cutting his hair was a symbol of a new start

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“I was like the one with long hair. I’d had it for so much of One Direction, and cutting it off felt much like starting afresh. I was about to personify my hair, and then I didn’t.” Well, as much as we bloody loved long-haired Harry, I think everyone can agree he looks damn fine with his hair long, short, curly, straight… I wouldn’t bet minding he’d even still be attractive with a buzz cut a la Payno.

3. Harry’s guitarist worked in a Pizza shop

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Imagine having a job working in some pizza place, getting paid a pretty bog standard wage and then suddenly you’re working with none other than Harry flipping Styles. That’s what happened to Mitch Rowland, AKA the guitarist of Harry’s new band.

“There was a guitarist that was supposed to come in and couldn’t make it… Ryan, who was engineering in the studio, said, ‘I can see if Mitch can come down.’ The second day he couldn’t come down because he had a shift in the pizza shop. He came in and he was just a monster.”

Turns out Harry and Mitch wrote most of the album together, and now he’s in the band as a permanent fixture. Hooray!

4. He’d only met the inspiration of ‘Carolina’ once before writing about her

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For a good week, Harry and co went through a drought when it came to writing and inspiration. That’s when he decided to go out, have some fun and wound up meeting Townes, who clearly had one hell of an impact on him to make him go write a bloody song about her after only the one meeting.

He didn’t tell her he’d written a song about her, though, so I can only imagine the feelings she had when she was told by her dad that one of the most famous young artists in the world was prancing about on stage on the ‘Today Show’ singing about her.

Townes, we salute you. And also thank you for not bragging about your time with Harold, we love you.

5. Harry genuinely loved One Direction

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Many artists who split from bands tend to go off and say, “It wasn’t me, that wasn’t who I am,” but for Harry, it wasn’t like that one bit. “I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for that band and I don’t feel like I have to apologise for that,” he said.

It’s wonderful to know that he truly loved the One Direction era, and though all five past members are currently flying solo, from recent interviews it sounds like everyone is keen to reunite sometime in the future. Only time will tell.

I don’t know about you, but I feel so enlightened on the whole new Harry Styles era and can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 brings for our little Cheshire lad.

Harry Styles: Behind the Album is available to watch on Apple Music now.

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