The best fan reactions to Harry Styles’ ‘Sign of the Times’ music video


After a long and antagonising wait, it’s here – the music video for Harry Styles’ ‘Sign of the Times‘ has finally dropped. There’s been a total uproar within the fandom, and fans have had all sorts of things to say, so we at UBP picked some of the best tweets from when fans reacted to Harry’s new music video.

Well, we know Harry is one for art, right?

Was Louis the stunt double in this music video?

This was literally us in UBP HQ.

Harry fluttering around like our hearts flutter whenever we see him.

This is the best mash up I’ve seen in some time.

Don’t do this to me. The feels.

This is the best idea ever, let’s make it happen.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I need to go lie down and be with my feels.

How do you feel about the music video? Tweet us your reactions @UnitedByPop while we go cry over our little Harold being all grown up.

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