All the fan projects you need to get involved with for Harry Styles’ birthday

It's not just Harry we're treating with kindness for his 27th birthday.


On February 1st, a star was born. Our Harry Styles becomes the grand old age of 27 years old this year. Some of us may even be a bit emotional since we’ve been following Harry since he started at The X-Factor as a teenager.  Harries all over the world are celebrating his birthday by working on notable projects, here are some of our favourites.

Twitter projects

Fans have already been preparing for Harry’s big days for weeks. There’s a project on Twitter currently where fans have changed their profile picture to a young Harry Styles (so cute!) with a matching header what says: ”Happy Birthday H.”

But that’s not everything! Despite the fact that there is a streaming party for Harry’s album, Fine Line. Fans are using hashtags like #smilesforharry and #weloveyouharry where fans post smiling selfies of themselves. Something that fans also did on Louis Tomlinson’s birthday.


Perhaps one of the sweetest things EVER: Harrie’s have been raising money for the charity ”Choose Love” for a few months now. This organization is committed to people who need help in the social and emotional areas. Something that is very important during these times. The promotion was initiated by @hsdaily and the goal was to raise £5,000. But at the moment, more than £8,260.74 has already been raised! Woohoo!

Click here if you still want to donate.


A fan account has come up with the idea of ​​using a picture of Harry during one of his concerts as a profile picture. They were also asked to use #WeAdoreYouHarry as a hashtag. In addition to streaming the Fine Line album, they’re also asking fans to stream the ”Treat People With Kindness” music video on YouTube.

It’s been a day full of celebrations and we only have to say: Happy Birthday H!

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