Halsey fans are calling this Manic song a bisexual anthem

The duet with Alanis Morissette subverts conventional gender norms.


Halsey has taken confessional songwriting to a new level with the release of her new album over the weekend.

Influenced by pop, country, rock and more, ‘Manic’ is an album that lives up to its title and refuses to be pigeon-holed into one genre. The album is her most personal yet, as it’s her first to not be based around a concept or a character, but instead about the singer’s own identity. Halsey – or rather ‘Ashley’ (her actual name) – exhibits her vulnerable side as she invites us to explore the depths of her psyche and gives listeners a raw insight into her life.

Halsey has always been open about her bisexuality, and one of the songs that has caught the attention of fans is Alanis’ interlude. The duet with Alanis Morissette is unmistakenly about liking two genders and (crucially) not in a way that fetishizes it to appeal to a male gaze.

It includes the lyrics “Your pussy is a wonderland / I could be a better man” which put a playful twist on John Mayer’s ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ whilst subverting conventional gender norms. Although the song is about women loving women, Halsey sings about not conforming to labels and expresses her inability to feel the difference between genders.

‘Cause he is she is her
And her and he are love
And I have never felt the difference
‘Cause he is she is her
And her and he are love
Touting all these labels

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