How well do you know the lyrics to Halsey’s new song ‘Clementine’?

It's a playful, pure and poetic masterpiece.


Halsey turned 25 over the weekend, and, to celebrate, she treated fans to a brand new song and music video. Yep, it’s her birthday and we’re the ones getting the gift. The new track ‘Clementine’ is a stripped-down poetic masterpiece that was inspired by Kate Winslet’s character (of the same name) in the film ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’.

The music video is set in an aquarium and sees Halsey childishly dance around it with her very own brother Sevian Frangipane. It’s playful, pure and peaceful to watch — whilst also having some incredibly poignant lyrics that break your heart; so far it seems like her upcoming album ‘Manic‘ will be Halsey’s (or rather Ashley’s) most personal and honest work yet.

Have you been listening to the new song on repeat like us? Let’s see if you’ve perfected the lyrics yet with our quiz. Let us know how you do over on @unitedbypop!

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