George Maple is the mysterious new popstar we adore

Learn more about the Australian singer opening up for Lorde.


When a musician combines all different types of art within their music, they become a star that deserves recognition. George Maple showcases that time and time again even at the beginning of her very promising career. As she’s about to embark on her tour as Lorde‘s opening act, George has become an act to keep your eyes peeled for.

The October 26th release of her debut album ‘Lover’ has left a lasting impression on music critics—claiming it’s not a typical bubbly pop album—defying the norm of the usual radio-friendly LPs on the shelves today. George captures the sounds of slow R&B and dance-pop perfectly without overdoing it, giving us a glimpse into her potential growth as a full-blown artist.

Before she became the infamous George Maple, the singer was Jess Higgs, hailing from Sydney, Australia and started to gain attention from her collaboration on Flume’s self-titled album in 2012. It was a tiny taste into the creative talent that the singer was willing to deliver to the world.

Continuing to show off her love for R&B jams, George also appeared on tracks for Snakehips, Deetron and DJ Snake furthering her success in forming her own signature sound but also staying true to her persona—mysterious and dark.

In 2014, George put ‘Vacant Space’ out into the world—her first EP that featured five iconically different songs. It set her apart from the usually upbeat kind of popstar, making her all the more appealing. ‘Talk Talk’ seemed to stand out the most, combining an edgy dance vibe while also sticking to the darkness of her lyrics.

There was a certainly an expectation to live up to with her first album ‘Lover.’ The LP bravely features 20 tracks—a bold move, especially for an artist’s debut. It tells a story in a way, each recording flowing together with unique sounds reminding us of 90s R&B but also high energy club jams.

Songs like ‘Kryptonite,’ Sticks and Horses,’ and ‘Slow Dancing’ all allow us to see the George we’re familiar with. Perhaps the standout track from the album is ‘Hero’—it clings to the popular Cher-like uptempo beat. The music video delivers a sneak peek into the true artistry of George Maple—its her at her finest, lost in dance and music.

Mixing her creative vision with her solemn sounds, George Maple is a real artist that’s to be reckoned with—there are so many layers to her that we have yet to peel back that proves there’s so much more depth to her than just a simple pop hit on the radio.

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Listen to George Maple’s debut album ‘Lover’ here.

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