Watch FLETCHER’s heart-wrenching live Vevo performance of Undrunk

The pop star shows off range and emotion like a true rising icon.


When pop stars release vulnerable, soul-baring tracks, we long to hear more. It reveals a softer side to artists who are used to protecting their hearts. FLETCHER is one of those pop stars. Her latest track ‘Undrunk’ is a gut-wrenching take on the reality of breakups.

The artist recently delivered an emotional performance of the track for Vevo, showcasing her killer vocals and demand for attention. The 25-year-old is magnetic but also electric—we can’t seem to keep our eyes off her.

FLETCHER has been steadily rising as one of pop’s hottest new prodigies. As a New Jersey native and NYU graduate, she has worked hard to make a steady name for herself in a competitive industry. With her previous singles like ‘Wasted Youth,’ ‘I Believe You,’ and ‘War Paint’ garnering over millions of streams on Spotify, she’s a powerful force among today’s pop superstars. The singer established her presence with her debut EP ‘Finding Fletcher’ in 2016 but we’re patiently awaiting her full-length album. If ‘Undrunk’ is anything to go by, a pop banger containing a thread of unguarded emotion is automatically our favorite.

Watch her live Vevo performance of ‘Undrunk’ here:

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