Is this a new Harry Styles social media campaign?

A new website with similarities to the secretive Eroda campaign has appeared. Is this Harry or are we in too deep?


Over the weekend, several fans kept seeing promoted ads on their social media channels, mainly Twitter, for something called the Fan Action Network.

Initially, with no followers (and not following anybody either), people were right to be cautious. But the excitement has grown over the last couple days that this site might be getting ready to promote Harry’s rumoured next single, ‘Treat People with Kindness.’

The Fan Action Network website looks very similar to Harry’s Do You Know Who You Are? positive message generator, with the same fon and very simplistic design.

Find a place to do good

Right under the privacy policy, you’ll see a link to ‘Find a Place to Do Good’. If anybody else has been singing ‘Treat People with Kindness’ for the first half of 2020, you might recognise the similarities to ‘Find a Place to Feel Good’ in the lyrics. Another similarity is the ‘Your place is with us’ slogan, as Harry is searching for ‘a place to feel good’ throughout the song.

‘Treat People with Kindness’ is believed to be one of Harry’s next single options, featuring a highly-choreographed dance number. If it is his next single — and knowing how much fun the ‘Adore You’ promo was with the creation of the imaginary island, Eroda — then creating a network of fans who want to do good in the world might be a step up from that.

Be careful though! This is all just speculation, and you should be careful about where you share your email address to keep your personal data safe. The privacy policy on this website doesn’t link to Sony Music’s as it has for Harry’s Eroda and Do You Know Who You Are? sites. This might mean the project is fan-led, but we’ll just have to be patient and wait and see.

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