Harry Styles’ Adore You music video is oddly beautiful — and the fans love it

Watch the singer befriend a fish—yes, you read that right.



No one’s doing it quite like Harry Styles. The pop star dropped his latest single “Adore You” along with its strangely mystifying music video narrated by Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía. It features Harry on a secluded fishing island called Eroda. (The mysterious village is made up, by the way, and ultimately begs the question: who else is making up fake places in order to promote their new music? Mainly, Harry, that’s who.)

He’s isolated and deemed “different” from the local townspeople eventually causing him to bottle up his emotions instead of confronting them. Before he sinks into a further depression, he finds something to take care of, giving him a bigger purpose—a fish. Yes, that’s right. Harry befriends a fish.

We watch Harry and his new fish friend hang out—he carries him around in a coffee pot than more conveniently, a clear backpack. It’s quirky and a little bit weird—but its Harry in his truest form. He flew through the sky in “Sign of the Times,” started a cupcake fight with children and puppies in “Kiwi,” and now we have this one to add to the singer’s repertoire of interesting takes on his own edgy tracks.

“Adore You” is one of Harry’s most addicting singles yet, making us buzz with anticipation over his sophomore album Fine Line. The lyrics suggest desperation laced with deep admiration for a lover, friend, and anyone else Harry is willing to throw his appreciation to. Just like always, fans had plenty of nice (and hilarious) things to say about the 25-year-old’s newest song—and we couldn’t agree more.



Stream Harry Styles’ new single “Adore You” here.

Featured image source: YouTube

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