5 times Timothée Chalamet was the biggest Harry Styles stan

He’s one of us!


Not many people can resist the charms of Harry Styles — not even Oscar-nominated actor Timothée Chalamet. When he’s not busy making movies, we can only imagine him searching “Harry Styles funny moments” on YouTube or streaming his music on his rose gold iPhone 5s.

Here are 5 of the top Himothée™ moments:

1. Timothée played Harry on Saturday Night Live

During Timothée’s hosting debut on the variety sketch series this past weekend, he paid homage to the singer and “sort of essential fashion man.” Not only did he play the part flawlessly (apologies to Jimmy Fallon), but he even dressed the part in almost head-to-toe Gucci. While it is still unclear if the wardrobe came from Timothée’s closet or SNL’s extremely accurate costume department, they hit the nail on the head.

2. Timothée quoted Harry’s catchphrase


At the end of his time on SNL, Timothée made off-the-cuff remarks during goodnights. “I guess I could say one thing, it’s [to] treat others with kindness,” said Chalamet. “Somebody else made it really well known, that saying… Harry Styles did, I impersonated him two seconds ago!” Always cite your sources!

3. Timothée owns Harry Styles merch

During the premiere of his movie The King, a fan gave Timothée a black TPWK hair tie, which just so happened to match his sequin hoodie perfectly. The actor posted a photo of his new accessory on his Instagram story later that day.

4. Timothée gushed over Harry’s acting chops

In the iconic i-D interview that broke the internet in 2018, Timothée and Harry had a conversation over the phone that we were lucky enough to read. When asked about working on the Christopher Nolan film Dunkirk, Timothée tells Harry, “Oh man, I really hope you act in something else. Because, I don’t know if it means anything from me, but I thought you were really f*cking excellent in that movie.”

5. Timothée’s red carpet style is inspired by Harry

At the London premiere of Beautiful Boy in 2018, Timothée wore an Alexander McQueen suit with a bright floral print, reminiscent of the suits Harry has been known to wear. When asked if he was inspired by the singer for his look, he gave a modest “yes.” Both of them have been applauded for their bold fashion choices at events since then.

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