Guide: Use Stationhead and Renaissance App to stream your favorite artists

If you never heard of any of these apps, we gotcha you, here's an easy guide to use them


Streaming is a big deal for many artists nowadays because it helps them to perform well on different charts and increase their popularity among listeners. So if you’ve been looking for a way to improve your favorite artists’ streaming numbers, you might want to get to know and use Stationhead or the Rainaissance App to help you out.

  • Stationhead

Stationhead is a platform that many fandoms and artists are using to improve their numbers. The first time I heard about it was back in 2021 when BTS had released ‘Butter‘ and one fan account used the app to host streaming parties that millions of ARMYs joined to help improve BTS’s performance on the charts, and it definitely worked, Butter was number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for many weeks. Since then many artists and fan bases have been hosting streaming parties for new releases or special occasions.

The app is available worldwide and the streams count for the charts in many countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, The UK, The US, Thailand, Philippines, India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea.

Every play counts as a stream! For every listener a stream is generated, so if there are 100 listeners on your streaming party 100 streams are generated for the song you’re playing.

The downside of the app is that you can only use it for streams or hosting if you have Spotify Premium or Apple Music, however, if your favorite singer or band has a new song coming out and you want to use Stationhead to increase the streams, you can use their free trials to use the app. Both platforms offer free trials in some countries, check if that’s the case for you!

So here’s how you can use Stationhead to stream and host parties:

  • Download the app;
  • Create an account for free;
  • Connect your Spotify Premium or Apple Music account to the app;
  • Choose a channel or open a streaming party someone is hosting if you want to stream your favorite artist’s songs;
  • You can purchase songs through the app;
  • You can interact with the host and listeners through the chat, like the songs and request a song to the host;
  • If you’re on your computer you can only join listening parties, hosting is not possible on the browser;
  • If you want to host a party you can go on air on the app or schedule when you want to go live;
  • According to their website Android users can’t host parties yet, but can join them;
  • When you click on “Go on Air” you can name your party, choose a playlist, test the microphone, notify your followers and share the link;
  • When on air you can choose to only speak to your guests, speak and play the songs or only play the songs;
  • You can also invite a listener to a call, and talk to them as if in a radio show, you can add three people on the call;
  • You choose how long your streaming party will go and when you’re off air you can save the party to your profile.
  • Renaissance App

This app doesn’t have the same purpose of Stationhead, but still is used to many fandoms to increase streams. On the Renaissance App you can track your streams, enter giveaways provided by the company and join streaming parties. It’s a great option for those who don’t own a Spotify Premium account.

Here’s how you can navigate through the app:

  • Download the app;
  • Login with your Spotify account;
  • Once you’re in you’ll see the main page suggesting streaming parties, pointing out what you’re currently listening, how many stars you have, how to earn more stars and which level you’re in the app and how many streams you need to the next level;
  • The second icon show the tops artists on the app;
  • The headphones icon is the one where you can create a party or check the ones the app is recommending, the ones that are popular, the ones that are ending soon, the upcoming ones or your own parties;
  • When you want to create a party you can choose an artists, an album, a song or a playlist;
  • You can also name your party, add a description, pick a streaming goal, decide when to start and the end date, and if it’s a private or a public party;
  • The parties can be a max of 5 days long or a min of 1 hour long;
  • When ready you can invite friends that follow you on the app or copy the link to share on your social medias;
  • The next icon show your streams so you can keep track;
  • And the last icon you can check the giveaways you can enter and the total of starts you have;
  • The own app provides ways to earn more stars, like daily tasks and bonuses;

There are no indications on their website if the streams from the app count for the charts but it’s a fun way to interact with your fandom.

We’ve hosted a few parties on Stationhead and we’re looking into Renaissance to have more people joining us for the parties, so keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram for the next ones! Also follow us on Stationhead, you only have to look for unitedbypop!

Hope you enjoy this guide and join us on future streaming parties!

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