Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch turns two

It hit me like a sucker punch!


In celebrating the second anniversary of Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch, I’ve decided to listen to the album again and share my thoughts on each track.

Note: Favorite tracks are marked with a *

Sucker Punch


Beginning with the first track off of this album, “Sucker Punch” literally starts with a bang, from its repetitive bass to its synth-pop sound. It continues to hit your ears as Sigrid sings and eventually belts out towards the end, “Sucker punch! Just one look and I’m out of touch!”

Mine Right Now

In a way, Sigrid begins this song with almost a whisper. In “Mine Right Now,” you can hear how her voice slowly begins to accelerate with the help of an addictive bass that is present in the rest of this album. But as she reaches the bridge, her voice goes back to that whisper we heard in the beginning and it’s a perfect balance.



“Basic” is a bit similar to “Mine Right Now” as it climbs to a stable place. In a way, it has this calmness to it that allows Sigrid to show off her voice. But as soon as she makes her way to the chorus, she explodes once again. And favorite part of this song? After she sings the bridge, she goes back to the chorus and shrinks down to this acoustic version where you just hear her and a guitar, and it’s genius.



“Strangers,” the fourth track on this album, is synth-pop meets electro-pop. The build-up to the chorus is just so good and when she finally reaches it, it’s so infectious. The composition of this song combined with its lyrics is just perfect and it just makes sense.

*Don’t Feel Like Crying

Don’t Feel Like Crying” is the epitome of a pop song and I love it. It’s a break-up anthem and it’s a good one at that. The best part, the orchestral jabs. It’s just so good and it’s fun to sing at the top of your lungs.

Level Up


“Level Up” is completely different from the previous tracks. Even though it’s still accompanied by some clever vocal effects, it really focuses on her voice and her amazing songwriting.

Sight Of You


Back with those orchestral jabs, “Sight Of You” is a sweet song that is still packed with such high pop energy but also a simplicity as well. Every time I listen to this song, it’s so easy to imagine the lyrics playing out because if you listen carefully, it’s one we can all relate to.

*In Vain


Sigrid truly lays it all out with her track “In Vain.”  Her voice goes quiet and then belts with a gravelly tone. The majority of this song is simple as it’s partnered with a guitar, but after the bridge, Sigrid goes back to her use of synth and packs such a punch that it’s one did not expect.

*Don’t Kill My Vibe


I mean, what is there to say about this song? That it’s absolutely amazing? That it exudes power and confidence? Because it’s exactly that! The chorus in “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is so powerful with its use of synth and bass. It’s just the best.

Business Dinners


The first time I heard “Business Dinners” I had to rewind it because of how it starts. It literally threw me because it was something I hadn’t heard before. This track is definitely different from the others but nonetheless, it’s a good tune and a catchy one at that.

*Never Mine


If I could write a full-on essay on how much I love this song, I would. Out of all my favorites from this album, this is number one. “Never Mine” is filled with heavy synth-pop but that’s what makes it so good. It’s a dance-worthy track and it’s one that needs more recognition because production-wise, it’s just 10/10.



Ending this electric album, “Dynamite” is a piano ballad and it’s another raw and honest track. It goes to show that Sigrid is capable of just singing with a piano and still having that same power she presents in her other songs.

Sigrid’s debut album Sucker Punch is one that is jam-packed with synth-pop, electro-pop, and more. With energetic pop songs that make you want to dance and a powerful ballad that has you reminiscing, Sigrid showcases her range in her first album and proves that she is an artist that should be on everyone’s playlist.

Stream Sigrid’s debut album, Sucker Punch, here.

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