Let the games begin: It’s almost time to join the Walls Olympics

Louies are ready and set to stream Walls on its anniversary.


Almost a year ago Louis Tomlinson released his much expected first solo album Walls, one of the biggest album debuts of 2020 and which recently achieved 350 million streams on Spotify, stuff that only legends can do, right?

So now to celebrate the album’s first-anniversary Louies organized another round of the Walls Olympics. The first edition happened in April and had two teams competing against each other in creative and fun streaming parties.


If you didn’t have the chance to participate in the first edition you can join your team and start streaming this Saturday. Team A are the countries that are in the ET timezone – US, Canada and South America, Team B are the countries that are part of the GMT timezone – UK and Europe and Asia. If you belong to Team A you’re in charge of streaming tracks 1 to 6 and if you’re Team B you got tracks 7 to 12.

Teams can also gather points by doing some tasks during the day such as reaching a certain number of streams on Spotify and Soundcloud and Shazams as well, getting verified accounts to tweet about it, tweet radio stations, trend the Olympics and post Walls’ artworks on Twitter. Each task earns points for your team.

Now it’s time to get your playlists ready for Saturday and help your team win the Walls Olympics.

Which team will be crowned the winner this time?

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