Louies around the world are raising money for India

And this is how YOU can help.


The current COVID-19 pandemic still holds the world in its grip. While many countries are trying to vaccinate their populations as quickly as they can, India is especially struggling.

To help these people in need, Louis Tomlinson fans around the world began raising money together with the registered non-profit organisation Rapid Response. All the money will be used to provide things like masks, sanitizer, relief supplies and more.

”Louis Tomlinson has always been a massive source of inspiration for us, being his ardent fans, and following in his footsteps of giving back, we’ve joined hands with Rapid Response, India’s most trusted instant disaster relief NGO, providing pan India aid and preparedness services,” Louies of India writes.

It’s been a beautiful and successful initiative: Currently, the counter is at ₹1,04,122 (approximately $1,424.00 USD). But it’s not too late to donate, because every contribution counts. If you aren’t able to send money, another way you can help is by sharing the fundraiser on all socials.

Please donate and share here.

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