How to make sure you stay safe at concerts

A round-up of everything you can do to make sure you stay safe when you go to a concert.


Since the Astroworld tragedy, safety at concerts has been ever more important and has become a growing concern. The last thing you want when you’re at a concert trying to enjoy yourself is the sudden feeling of dread, worry or even beginning to feel really ill.

At some of Louis Tomlinson’s recent shows in the US, people have been passing out so this, specifically, has prompted us to do this article. Louies need to look out for each other!

We’ve rounded up a list of things you can do to make sure you are the safest you can possibly be when you attend your next concert. After all, health and safety should be every artist, venue and management’s top priority, of course closely followed by making sure everyone has a great experience.

Stay hydrated

One of the most obvious and important things you can do to protect yourself is to stay hydrated. Make sure you drink plenty of water beforehand so you’re prepared. If you are in a standing crowd, identify where your nearest exit point is in case you begin to feel faint. If the venue is passing out water for free, do not refuse it! You might need it for yourself or somebody else later on.

Eat properly beforehand

This, like drinking a lot of water, is very important. Eating and drinking go hand-in-hand so even if you have drunk a lot but not eaten, you may still feel faint. Make sure to eat plenty before you arrive at the concert.

Don’t take valuables or expensive things

When you go to a concert, it’s best not to take any valuables or anything that is, or even just looks, expensive. In a crowd of people, it can be very easy to lose things and it would be incredibly difficult to find once lost. Definitely stick to taking less valuable possessions and maybe take a small bag or bum bag to store your things.

Keep your phone and money out of sight

This links to the point above, make sure you keep any money you take out of sight and if your phone isn’t in your hand then also keep that safe. Although generally, most concerts are a safe environment, if you are in a crowd of people you don’t know who you’re standing beside and your phone and/or money could be pinched. Remember to keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour!

Wear comfortable footwear

This one should just be a bit of common sense because nobody likes wearing shoes that are uncomfortable, you are never going to fully enjoy yourself if your feet are in pain. If you are considering wearing new shoes, try to break them in beforehand. If you are wearing comfortable footwear, you are more likely to have a fun time.

Don’t drink a lot of alcohol

If you’re under the national age of drinking alcohol then luckily, you can skip this one. But if you are of legal age then remember not to get drunk before or during a concert. Alcohol causes dehydration so you are more likely to pass out or feel faint. Being drunk could also cause you to forget all of the other important steps to keeping safe. Drink responsibly!

Stay with somebody you trust

If you are underage, or even anxious about going to a concert, make sure you stay with somebody you trust. That person could be a friend or a member of your family, they will look out for you and make sure you’re safe as you should also do for them. If you go to a concert alone, make sure to pinpoint the nearest exit and also identify the nearest security just in case you need help. I’ve been to a concert alone before and in my case, security strive to help you in any way they can.

If you follow the majority of these steps, or even just a few, then you should be very well prepared for your concert. Most of all, make sure you enjoy yourself (safely) and it will be the best night ever! Happy concert-going!

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