The Driver Era’s debut album X is 2 years old today!

Today marks two years since The Driver Era released their debut album.


Fans of The Driver Era are celebrating today as the duo’s first-ever album was released two years ago. The alternate indie album perfectly introduced them to the music scene.

Though The Driver Era was a new stage name, Ross and Rocky Lynch were not strangers to the stage, having performed in their family band R5 for several years previously.

X was a reintroduction for the brothers to the music scene. The album consisted of six singles and other unheard songs — much to fans’ excitement, as that meant they could hear some new material from the band. These songs from the album are still getting constant attention on streaming services, with the numbers still rapidly increasing every month.

X also saw The Driver Era embark on their first-ever world tour under their new stage name. There were twenty-two shows around the US, where Ross and Rocky played shows with their sister and brother, Rydel and Riker, and their family friend, Ellington Ratliff.

Since releasing X, the two brothers have released seven more singles and are constantly teasing their fans with a second album. Let’s hope we get another album from them this summer!

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