Coldplay fans work to decode hidden messages and discover the band’s new single Higher Power

Here's to counting down to May 7.


If there’s one thing that any music fan looks forward to, it’s new music by their favorite artist. Even more, fans always look forward to the Easter eggs that their favorite artists drop that send them on a treasure hunt.

Though we’re used to seeing Taylor Swift leave hints here and there for her fans to discover, there’s another artist who has done this for a while now, and that band is none other than Coldplay.

On April 23rd a mysterious tweet was posted onto Twitter with the handle @alienradiofm. The first tweet ever created by this account was posted on April 18, and fans weren’t drawn in until the account posted a video with some coordinates — which then caught the attention of Coldplay fan update accounts like @coldplayxtra and @coldplaying.

Once these update accounts started informing fans that Coldplay could potentially be releasing new music, fans got to work deciphering the codes that had been left for them.

This isn’t the first time the band has left secret messages around the world. Coldplay had done this with their albums A Head Full of Dreams and Everyday Life.

And though it’s been two years since we last had an album from Coldplay, each time around the treasure hunts are just as exciting as the last.

These new clues were found by fans in all parts of the world. Cryptic messages were spotted in cities like London, New York City, Seoul, Santiago, Sydney, and many more.

On top of that, BBC Radio 1’s own Greg James even whispered the band’s name on-air the other day, which had fans even more excited and guessing whether the band will appear on his Breakfast Show very soon.

Greg also shared that he had a secret (possible guest) for his next segment of Unpopular Opinion and if you listen very carefully, you can hear Greg whisper “Coldplay.”

But besides the whisper from Greg James — which is almost confirmation itself that the band is releasing new music — it was the fans themselves who cracked the code of all the cryptic messages around the world when first appearing on April 23.

This fan inserted one of the messages into programs like Music Lab and tried to figure out if there were any hidden clues within the sounds. Other fans went on to do some research and see if the cryptic messages were in Braille or maybe even The Arecibo Message.

Fans (including myself) were taking a close look at everything, especially the Alien Radio FM’s official website.

But after a couple of hours of fans working hard to uncover these secret messages, they were finally able to decipher the code and for it to reveal that Coldplay’s newest single “Higher Power” would be released on May 7.

So, how exactly was the code deciphered? Leave it to ColdplayXtra to inform fans on how it was solved. Honestly, they deserve a round-of-applause for that detective work because myself and many fans were completely lost.

But as they explain, the eight characters on top were a perfect match in spelling Coldplay, using letters P, O, A, Y to fill in any other blank spaces, and much more. It’s truly impressive!

Fans also got more excited as they got the chance to decipher some possible lyrics as well for the new single.

For instance, Coldplay fans were able to figure out that this code translated to the potential lyric “This joy is electric and circuiting through, I’m so happy that I’m alive at the same time as you.”

And if all the deciphering wasn’t enough, the band finally confirmed the many suspicions their fans had with a single Tweet.

On top of that, the band also posted a video to their official TikTok account which shows each member walking past their billboard of “Higher Power” in Camden Town.

So, here’s to counting down to May 7 to hear new music from Coldplay. It’s been so long since fans had a new album to jam out to.

And if there’s one more thing that’ll get fans excited for the release, it looks as if the song will be dropping on a very special day – National Space Day!

Coldplay’s new single “Higher Power” will be released on May 7, and you can pre-order/pre-save the single here.

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