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We are here to bring you the best guide to BTS's activities during quarantine.


BTS and the bond they share with their fans is not something easy to break, not even isolation can shake the love and support they give each other. BTS mentioned several times how important is to them to show Army the real BTS. So it’s no surprise to see them sharing every moment they can with fans.

When it was announced that the tour and promotion season for their latest album Map Of The Soul 7  was canceled due to the pandemic, the whole fan base got upset and worried about not having new daily updates of their favorite boys. However, BTS got it all covered and are more active than ever on social media, connecting to fans in every way possible through this difficult moment.

Here are a few things for you to catch up with BTS.

1. Run BTS

BTS entertaining you since 2015 with the cute and chaotic episodes of their own variety show. Recently they have achieved their 100th episode and Suga said he’s looking forward to filming one hundred more for the years to come for his Army. You can watch all the episodes on V Live App.

2. Bangtan Bomb

These are short videos uploaded on YouTube showing BTS being BTS behind the scenes. You can find the group reacting to their movie videos, rehearsing for performances, singing, drawing and just being regular boys hanging out with friends.

3. BT21

I am sure you have seen these cute little characters being related to BTS’s members. Well, they are their own creation in collaboration with Line, a famous Korean app. There are several animated videos of the characters and you can even watch BTS’s reactions to the stories they help to come up with.

Can you guess each member’s characters?

4. Learn! Korean With BTS

Language has never been a barrier to the Idols and their fan base. Both, BTS and Army find ways bigger than language to show their love and support. Learn! consists of short episodes of BTS teaching some words and expressions in Korean. We can’t think of better teachers. You can watch it for free on Weverse App.

5. BangBang Con

Army won’t name a better way of spending a whole weekend if it’s not watching BTS concerts from the beginning of their career up to now for twelve hours straight. BTS made it happen last month. They even prepare a guide video for the streaming.

If you missed BBC, don’t worry. On June 14th you’ll be able to watch a whole new Bang Bang Con The Live, possibly with performances from their cancelled world tour.

6. BTS Of The Day

Warning: prepare your heart for the following pictures and videos:


7. Break The Silence Docu-Series

Everything you want to see from the road of BTS’s tours in 2018-2019. You can purchase the docu-series on Weverse and enjoy seven episodes that show the good, the bad and the great of being BTS, the biggest Kpop band of the world.

8. Live Streams

Whatever you want, they’ve got it. TaeTae FM, Eat Jin, DJ Suga’s Honey FM, DIY projects, Just Dance contests, trendy coffee making, Art classes and New Album meetings. They are doing it all and you can see they trending daily on Twitter, melting fans’ hearts and sparkling curiosity on those who still don’t know them.

On TaeTae FM you can discover V’s favorites songs.

Eat Jin can be considered a dinner date with the World Wide Handsome himself. Grab something to eat and enjoy the Idol talking about his day and answering fans’ questions.

DJ Suga is bringing guests to each of his shows – RM, Jin and V have been on with Suga reading children’s stories, playing games and talking about music. Pay attention to the end of each livestream when he leaves a heartwarming message to everybody, no wonder they call him Suga.

All of those mentioned above can be watched on V Live.

BTS upcoming album is highly expected by fans since the members are all hands on it and will be responsible for creating every piece of it on their own. Each of them received a role on the making of the album and we can see they are sparing no efforts to make it a huge success one more time. They are sharing step by step with Army and fans couldn’t be more excited.

Army had a theory that each of their live streams are giving hints on their roles for the next album and they were right! Subscribe to their Youtube channel BANGTANTV to watch the meetings discussing the upcoming BTS album.

There’s no such thing as boredom when you are a BTS fan, right?

If you want to keep it up with Bangtan, keep an eye on United By Pop and trust us to give you the best of BTS.

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