How to make the most of BTS’s BangBang Con 2021

We've got a few tips so you can enjoy every single bit of BBC 2021.


BTS announced a new edition of BangBang Con last weekend, and ARMYs from everywhere are getting ready to spend the weekend watching some amazing performances from the group.

Last year, BangBang Con gave us two days filled with BTS’s best live concerts throughout the years. This year we’ll have a chance to enjoy three different BTS stages: BTS Live Trilogy EP1 (Memories of 2015), BTS 5th Muster (Magic Shop) in Busan, and BTS World Tour Speak Yourself in São Paulo.

We want you to make the best of the event so we’ve got a few tips for you right here:

1. Get lots of rest and set an alarm

BangBang Con starts at 3 PM KST. It might be really early or the middle of the night for some people, so resting beforehand is extremely important. A good night of sleep the night before is what you need to wake up on time and enjoy the whole thing. Don’t forget to set an alarm, you won’t want to sleep through BBC!

2. Use your headphones/earbuds

It’ll make you feel like you’re right there watching the concert. You’ll also avoid waking up your family and neighbors.

3. Prepare snacks

Although this year’s BBC won’t last as long as last year’s, it’s still a BTS marathon! So take all of your favorite snacks and drinks to your bedroom, this way you won’t have to take your eyes off the screen to grab something in the kitchen.

4. Stretch and move around

It’s important to stretch and move around to prepare and wake up your body to the streaming. Dancing around in your bedroom is also a must. Watch the BTS stretching guide from last year below.

5. Use your merch

After all BangBang Con is a whole event. So dress up, get your favorite BTS merch out of your closet, and don’t forget to take pictures to post on social media.

6. Live tweet

Sing along with your fellow ARMYs on Twitter. Do the fanchant. Make new friends while tweeting your favorite BBC moments!

7. Light up your room with your ARMY Bomb

It doesn’t matter if it’s an original one or a self-made light stick — use anything you have on hand to give yourself a whole concert vibe.

BTS also wants you to enjoy BangBang Con and here’s their message:

We hope to see you having a ball this weekend.

Let us know how you’ll be preparing for BangBang Con!

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