Dua Lipa takes us on a wild trip with psychedelic Hallucinate video

We're talking rainbows, unicorns and dancing bunnies.


Dua Lipa has dropped the music video for her latest single ‘Hallucinate’ and boy is she taking us for an adventure. The 90’s disco-house inspired track is the ultimate festival banger and we can’t help but feel what a shame it is that 2020 has thwarted all our summer plans.

Nevertheless, the video lives up to its title and takes viewers along for one wild virtual hallucination. We see an animated version of Dua performing on stage, dolled up in a sparkly bodysuit, before embarking on a psychedelic acid trip. We’re talking rainbows, unicorns, dancing bunnies… it’ll give you stars in your eyes just trying to make sense of all the visual illusions. At one point we even spot her character groovin’ with a gang of peaches and aubergines. (We’ll leave that one to your imagination.)

It’s all bright and fun, as Dua brings flower power to the 21st century, until the video takes a darker turn and she falls into a pit of scary clowns, skulls and evil eyes. It’s okay though, because the power of love saves the day and she blasts into outer space where she dances on top of the world (which has now aptly turned into a disco ball.) Phew. The hallucination ends as she opens her eyes.

The project was created entirely during lockdown, with Dua having to remind fans that we’ve been in the middle of a pandemic for the past three months after they tweeted their disappointment with the video being animated. Artists are having to find new ways to showcase their music and it’s interesting to see what innovative things they come up with.

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