It’s 95% official that DNCE are going to be huge


DNCE were kinda all over the place last year, right? ‘Cake By The Ocean’ was THAT big hit that everyone knew, and also loved. And there was a reason why – it was a complete banger and you just wanted to play it over and over again.

Although how many times have a band come along, released a smokin’ hot song, and then completely failed to follow it up? The number is countless. However there is something just that little bit different about DNCE, and the release of their new track ‘Body Moves’ really does prove this.

Unexpectedly, ‘Body Moves’ is completely different to their huge hit of last Summer. And it’s probably a good thing. When has using the old ‘copy the hit song’ method ever worked?

The one word to truly describe the new track is ‘funky’ and that’s what it is, a catchy track which is a little bit different but has a thick production which will appeal to many – and rightfully so. Maybe that is what is so great about them – they are just that little bit funky, and the reason why they are going to be huge is because their music is actually really fucking good.

So who knows? Let’s wait till November to hear their debut album ‘DNCE’, but judging by this new track – they are edging ever closer to world domination and that mission won’t be slowing down any time soon.

DNCE are set to release their debut album on November 18th. ‘Body Moves’ is out now.


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