Coldplay’s new single My Universe featuring BTS is here

It’s out! Coldplay's new single with BTS is finally here.


For the fans, Coldplay and BTS’s interactions started out with BTS covering “Fix You” on MTV Unplugged. Coldplay complimented and shared the cover on all possible platforms. Winning the hearts of Coldplay’s fans, BTS did an amazing job covering one of the most famous songs by the British band.

Rumors about a collaboration exploded after Chris Martin was seen in South Korea around April. Later in May, ARMY and Coldplay fans took over Twitter, trending BTSXColdplay after noticing that the British band was collabing with a K-pop group according to the band’s Genius page. The rumors died down a little, but the fan’s expectations never did.

The big announcement came just last week, and the reactions to the collaboration have been more than positive. Both fanbases became great friends and supporters of both groups.

Before the song dropped, Coldplay and BTS released a quick video showing the seven BTS members along with Chris singing the song in a studio, making the fans even more excited for it to be released.

In interviews with different outlets, Chris Martin mentioned that “My Universe” was written for BTS, and between talks with the group, they decided to give it a try and do it together.

“My Universe” is a song that expresses the power of love and the urge to fight for it. The song has both English and Korean lyrics, with RM, Suga and J-Hope credited along with Chris and other composers.

Coldplay announced that there’s a music video on the way, and we’re really excited to see more of BTS and Coldplay together.

While we wait, we can swoon over their friendship:

Here’s BTS and Coldplay meeting in New York a few days ago. Coldplay is wearing modern hanboks (traditional Korean clothes) gifted by BTS.

BTS Jin received a beautiful guitar from Chris himself and promised to treasure it.

RM shared a video of the recording process with Chris to celebrate the song’s release.

And this beautiful vídeo of Chris singing in Korean, proving that music can bring anything and anyone together and create amazing things.

We can’t wait to see what else Coldplay and BTS got for us in the future.

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