Coldplay and BTS release music video for My Universe

"You, you are my universe!"


In early June of this year, rumors of a Coldplay and BTS collaboration began circulating after the tag ‘BTSxColdplay‘ began trending on Twitter.

Fans from both sides were hopeful for a collaboration, and just last week, Coldplay and BTS released their single “My Universe.” A powerful synth-pop song that will be featured on Coldplay’s upcoming album Music Of The Spheres, it’s a testament to unity and love — something that both artists explain in a behind-the-scenes documentary that BTS shared with their fans

Now, Coldplay has released the music video for their new single with BTS, and it’s literally out of this world.

The video first opens up with a view of space and a message that shares how in many years from now, music is forbidden across the spheres. But on three different planets, there are three bands that defy this ban all while being hunted by something called “The Silencers.”

Throughout the video, both bands are on their own planets but are able to connect with one another through music. It’s a sweet visual of the message that the song and the band have shared time and time again through their music.

Stream Coldplay and BTS’s new single “My Universe” here.

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