Cheat Codes talk No Promises and brand new music


Every time ‘No Promises’ starts playing at work, I always have the urge to dance. It’s SUCH a jam. It’s pretty clear that Cheat Codes are slowly becoming some of my faves. Luckily, I got the chance to ask those boys a few questions about their hit song amongst other things you NEED to know.

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We are LOVING ‘No Promises’. It’s such a jam. What inspired this song?

Matt: This song is about being in a relationship and letting go of any expectations you have on your partner. So many times we’re thinking so far into the future and where a relationship is going that we forget to just enjoy where you’re at right now! I’ve been with my girlfriend for a couple years now, and we used to expect each other to understand certain things, or do certain things based on our personal experience, but that ends up getting in the way of being grateful for each other.

Also, just curious, how did the name Cheat Codes come about?

Kevi: My older brothers Rich and Tom were in this rock band called Clear Static back in the day. They were really young and they jumped on a tour with Duran Duran. I remember they brought me to watch them play a sold out Madison square garden where they were opening for them. At the time I was like 9 years old, and I asked Tom, “How the hell are you doing this? This is crazy?” And he said, “I found the Cheat Code little bro.” I told this story to Matt when we first met, and it seemed like the perfect name!

Could you believe you scored Demi Lovato to feature on one of your tracks?

Trevor: Yeah, I think it really came together because of the fans honestly! Haha we played a show with Demi in Sao Paulo, Brazil, it was the biggest show we had ever played at the time, and when we were heading back to LA, the Brazilian fans were hitting us up non stop, telling us that we should collaborate with Demi! We had the song ‘No Promises” and we thought it fit perfectly with her vibe and her voice!

When is the ‘No Promises’ music video coming out? We NEED it.

Matt: It will be out the middle of May, but no promises…

What other music do you have planned?

Trevor: At the end of May we’ll be putting out a new song called “Stay With You” with our good friend CADE! CADE actually is my roommate so, we’re stoked we get to work with someone who’s been with us since the beginning!

What made you guys get into writing and recording music?

Matt: We’ve all been doing it for so long honestly. Trevor used to be in an Acoustic Project, Kevi used to rap under the name, “King Kevi,” and Matt used to be in a hip hop pop project called “The Seige.” A big reason for forming this group was to have the flexibility of not being boxed into one genre. We can sing on the track ourselves, have a feature, collab with other DJ’s and producers. The possibilities are really endless!

Where would you guys most like to travel to play a gig?

Matt: The South Pole, I would love to play for the penguins and confirm that the earth is flat…

Trevor: Jamaica would be amazing! Spend a couple days smoking and chilling with the natives!

Kevi: I’ve been wanting to go to Tokyo for a while! Hopefully, we get to play there soon!

Do you have any tours/gigs coming up?

Matt: Right now we’re on the “No Promises” world tour! We’re hitting countries and cities we’ve never played before including Belgium, Croatia, Finland, Austria, Malta and we are hitting Norway and Germany twice!

Make sure to come check us out!

Who would be your dream collaboration?

Kevi: Drake, Elton John, Sting. All on one track!

What’s one cheat code you guys swear by?

Spotify Playlists! There is one for every occasion and it saves you so much time. If you’re having pre-drinks with friends just hit play on our Cheat Codes Party Playlist and you’re all set for the night. You’re welcome:

  • Cheat Codes out. Thanks, everyone!

Huge thanks to the boys for taking the time to answer some of our questions, thank you! You can stream ‘No Promises’ right here and scope out Cheat Codes’ tour dates here.

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