Trend or Trash: Rose Quartz Nails


Welcome back to another episode of ‘Trend or Trash’; where you let us know your thoughts on the latest viral trends that are certainly turning heads.

Today’s trend: Rose Quartz Nails

The Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of “unconditional love” due to its energy of compassion, tenderness and nourishment. It’s a pink gorgeous crystal and this nail trend is so gorgeous. The trend is currently going viral on social media, so we were curious to what your opinions are on the latest nail trend.

The detailing is so gorgeous on these.

Have you ever seen nails as stunning as these?

Crystals are always gorgeous, but the Rose Quartz is just simply stunning.

My personal opinion is that these are gorgeous! I’d never be able to do them myself, but if any local nail salon does the design, I’m definitely going to get them done. Pink is in right now, not to mention my favourite colour. I am all on board for the Rose Quartz nails. These would be perfect for the summer season. Whether it’s a festival, party or wedding – these nails are elegant but quirky.

What about you? Are you nuts for these nails? or are they total trash? Give your opinion on Rose Quartz Nails in the poll below and be sure to give your opinion on other head-turning trends.

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