The Chainsmokers new album ‘Collage’ is out very soon


I first heard about The Chainsmokers on BBC Radio 1 when a listener had rang in asking what the name of the track was. The only problem was, he only knew the first couple of bars and no lyrics. This went on for a few hours before someone finally called in to say that the song he was referring to was ‘Roses’.

I was relieved for this guy at this point. There’s nothing worse than hearing a catchy song and not knowing what it is. Since then, I was hooked on the track and have loved the others they have since released.

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The American electro-pop duo have dominated the charts with their latest single ‘Closer’ featuring Halsey, and were even nominated for song of the Summer at this year’s MTV VMAs despite not even having an official video for the single at that point. The lyric video for the track has racked up over 500 million views in two months and now, they’ve released an official music video for the track.

The video shows a timeline of a couples romance. From glances across the room at a house party to intimate moments in the bedroom.

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In addition to the release of their new music video, The Chainsmokers are set to premiere a new track, ‘Setting Fires’ on November 4th, the same date as their new album is released. When I looked at my calendar, I can’t believe that’s next Friday!

For some reason, The Chainsmokers have never released a full album. I don’t understand why as they’ve collectively released numerous tracks that could be compiled into one. ‘Collage’, (their upcoming album) is no exception. It includes 5 tracks, 4 of which we have already heard. The fifth track to complete the collection is of course the yet to be released ‘Setting Fires’.

Of course ‘Closer’ is included as one of the five tracks. If you’ve not managed to hear the other previously released songs, here’s a recap in the form of YouTube videos.

Download ‘Closer’ on iTunes now. Keep an eye out for their new album ‘Collage’ too!


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