Why I hate double standards


As I’ve grown up and become more aware, I’ve noticed a lot. I’ve noticed things I didn’t think were a big issue back then. Boy, I was so wrong. I was a kid, I get it. Welcome to adulthood. I wish I could go back to being innocent and clueless of everything. Good times.

One thing, in particular, I want to talk about are double standards. I’ve seen it happen so much on reality TV and online, and it makes me so angry. It’s infuriating and it needs to stop.

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Take the X-Factor for example. Last week I was watching the first live show and Iggy Azalea was the problem. A male contestant in the Overs category just finished singing a sexy rendition of Selena Gomez’s ‘Hands to Myself’. Iggy could not stop gawking over how the performance was meant for “her”.

She continued on to discuss his Instagram pictures where his butt looked great in them. Really Iggy? Judge the performance, not his body. Let me just say that if a male judge said that about a female contestant, social media would’ve exploded. And it was clear that Guy Sebastian chose that sexy cover to influence the female viewers to vote for his contestant. Come on!

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Another example, and I find this one hilarious, is Chloe Grace Moretz. When Kim Kardashian uploaded the almost nude selfie of her, Chloe went on a huge twitter rant about how women have so much more to offer than their bodies. However, Miss Moretz endorsed Shawn Mendes’ shirtless L’Uomo Vogue photoshoot. GIRL, you’re contradicting yourself.

I am sick and tired of the media shaming women for their beautiful bodies while men’s bodies are applauded. Enough is enough. When Little Mix performed their smash hit ‘Shout Out to my Ex’ on the X-Factor, they were slammed for what they were wearing. If a male artist had their shirt open and revealed a nipple, everyone would be like “he’s so sexy, more please”. No. It’s a two-way street.

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I can’t stress how much this bothers me. Teenage girls are so fragile right now and telling them that they have to look and dress a certain way is ridiculous. If you’re overweight, you’re no good. If you’re normal weight, you’re no good. Apparently, you have to look like a twig to get attention. Girls, you’re perfect the way you are. Believe that. The media just want ratings and views and controversy.

We need to move forward and spread a message of love and positivity? Because I for one need to see a change.

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  1. anybody says

    You’re not the only who hates double standards. As far as I’m concerned, I wish that they and hypocrisy completely and permanently vanished from humanity and life itself.

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