We Picked 6 Of The Best BTS Dynamite Performances Just For You

We light it up every time BTS Dynamite comes up.


Dynamite is BTS’ first all English song and since the release in late August, the single has scored three weeks as number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. In addition, Dynamite movie video broke the YouTube record as the most viewed in the first 24 hours with 101.1 million views.

The VMA’s virtual stage was the first to receive a Dynamite performance. The killing looks, the amazing choreography, vocals on point – we can’t even choose our favorite thing about it.

The Tiny Desk Concert was definitely one of the most commented Dynamite’s performance. The live band and raw vocals attract non-fans who were impressed with BTS’ talent, if you scroll down the comments you can see all the positive reactions to it.Their energy is contagious and it’s noticeable the members has a lot of fun during the concert.

For America’s Got Talent BTS chose an amusement park with an 80’s-type of theme that fit the disco vibe of Dynamite. Wearing one of the movie video’s outfits the members sing and dance around the beautiful scenario. You can even spot some easter eggs like the Army logo and BTS’ anniversary.

BTS wearing all blue-denim fits for the Today Citi Music Series is definitely worth watching. The thing in each BTS’ performances is that they always find a way to deliver something different, even if you don’t notice at first it’s always there.

This week is BTS week at The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and BTS joined Jimmy and The Roots to sing Dynamite on the first day.

The group has been performing some of their hits throughout the week and they took the opportunity to show Korea’s cultural beauty. BTS performed at Gyeongbokgung Palace – a beautiful historical landmark – while wearing hanbok – traditional clothing for special dates in Korea. This Dynamite performance wasn’t aired on the show but the group’s team uploaded a stage cam on BTS’ Youtube channel. This was a less serious one, we can see the members having fun pretending to be warriors and adding funny moves to it.

The one that aired on the show has BTS in a disco roller skating ring, wearing colorful clothes and striking us with beautiful live vocals. At the end we can watch the members skating around – some showing a lot skills like Jimin and Jin – while others were struggling to stand properly, turning the whole scene cuter.

What’s your favorite Dynamite performance so far?

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