Becky Hill teams up with Matoma which you cannot afford to miss


Producer Matoma has teamed up with The Voice contestant Becky Hill, and the result is incredible. ‘False Alarm’ oozes a summer sound, complete with the tropical house theme which is very 2016. The track is set to bounce up the charts as a brand new video has just been released, and it’s a corker.

The brand new music video shows the love story of a young couple who are enjoy a summer adventure, and making many memories which seems to capture the vibe of the song to perfection. And, of course the genius production from Matoma paired with the vocals from Becky work seamlessly with the music video.

The vocals from Becky Hill are an immediate highlight of the track which stands out and instantly wants you to be transported to a beach at sunset – yes, a cliche, but it’s 100% accurate.

Speaking about the track, Becky Hill revealed “I’m so excited by False Alarm coming out this summer! I’m really glad I got to share one of the songs I’d written and collaborate with such an exciting producer like Matoma.”

The single has received positive attention from Radio 1 as it was listed as Record of the Day before being playlisted. In addition to that, it’s gaining rapid attention on Spotify which means it’s safe to say that this track is going to do some damage onto the charts and will become huge any day now.

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