Get to know your new favourite eight-piece: ATEEZ

Get to know your new favourite eight-piece ahead of the release of their fourth EP, Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer.


Get to know your new favourite eight-piece ahead of the release of their fourth EP, “Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer”, the final part of the Treasure series, out January 6th.

Since their debut on 24th October 2018, K-pop idol group ATEEZ (Korean: 에이티즈, pronounced “Ei-Teez”) are getting a lot of love online. Their debut MV ‘Treasure’ has now surpassed 10 million views and they’re ready to make their comeback, as announced on December 23 via ATEEZ’ official channels.

So what is there to know about ATEEZ? Here are some facts to know.

ATEEZ, short for ‘A TEEnager Z’, is the first K-Pop group from KQ Entertainment and consists of eight members who all range in age from nineteen to twenty-one: Kim Hong-joong (김홍중) (leader, rap, composition), Park Seong-hwa (박성화) (vocal), Jeong Yun-ho (정윤호) (performance, vocal), Kang Yeo-sang (강여상) (vocal, performance), Choi San (최산) (vocal), Song Min-gi (송민기) (rap, performance), Jung Woo-young (정우영) (performance, vocal) and Choi Jong-ho (최종호) (main vocal).
They used to be called “KQ Fellaz”, after their label KQ Entertainment, before their line up was finalised.

The group made their debut in October 2018 with double title tracks ‘Pirate King’ and ‘Treasure’, from their debut EP, “Treasure EP.1: All To Zero”. The album reached #7 on the Gaon Albums Chart and their first music show performance was on October 25 on Mnet’s M Countdown. The group immediately emerged as capable of mixing blazing trap beats and incredible stage presence.

Their impeccable work ethic and determination to see their dreams come to fruition, saw ATEEZ in just one year to complete a world tour (including sold-out U.S. and European shows), receive their first win with their single ‘Wave’ on Korean music program M Countdown, signed with RCA Records in July, and released three EPs that each reached the top 12 of the Billboard World Albums chart.

With “Treasure EP.2: Zero to One”, “Treasure EP.3: One To All” and “Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action”, ATEEZ explored a variety of genres including trap, EDM and R&B, proving that ATEEZ can take any song and make it their own. The group is involved in the creation of their music. Specifically, leader Hongjoong plays a role in the composing of their music.

ATEEZ’ worldwide achievements, determination and strong love from their fanbase bring us to present days, just before the release of “Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer”. On December 23, ATEEZ revealed a teaser that reads, “Look around you. Did you find your TREASURE? Can you see the changes?” with the caption “Can you hear those voices?”

Over the past weeks, ATEEZ have teased more and more of the upcoming release, keeping ATINY (their fandom, which name is a combination of ATEEZ + DESTINY) on the edge of their seats. From tracklist, concept photos to the latest MV teaser, we put together a recap just for you.

Tracklist (released 27 December)

Group photo (released 27 December)

Hongjong and Seonghwa individual teaser photos (released 28 December)

Yunho and Yeosang individual teaser photos (released 29 December)

San and Mingi individual teaser photos (released 30 December)

Wooyoung and Jongho individual teaser photos (released 31 December)

“Outro: Long Journey” trailer (released 1 January)

Performance Poster (released 2 January)

‘Answer’ Performance Preview (released 3 January)

“TREASURE EPILOGUE: Action To Answer” Album Preview (released 4 January)

‘Answer’ Official MV Teaser (released 5 January)

“Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer” is out Monday, January 6 (6pm KST, 9am GMT, 4am EST)

  1. Audrey says

    A very well made article. Thank you for this!

  2. Mic says

    Thank you for this article. So excited for this comeback yet at the same time, I wish songs like Utopia, Mist, Sunrise, Aurora and more had time to shine.

  3. Gina says

    Thank you for this article!!!we’re very excited for this comeback!!

  4. Lei Carlos says

    Thank you for writing this wonderful article about ATEEZ…few more hours and we can see Answer official MV under KQ Entertainment…Atinys all over the world are very excited with their comeback…We wish ATEEZ all the best especially after winning the Next Generation Award at the Golden Disc Awards.

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