See Ariana Grande’s 34+35 remix video featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion

It's one of the HOTTEST music video's ever.


It’s getting hot in here… Ariana Grande dropped the music video for her ”34+35 remix” featuring Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion. It’s steamy, it’s fun, and it’s just everything we wanted from these three queens!

After releasing the iconic ”34+35 remix” last month, we never dared to dream that we would deserve a music video from this amazing trio. Last week Ariana dropped some hints on her socials, and it turned out very quickly that it would be the music video for the remix from ”34+35”.

So, let’s get into the music video, because what an amazing masterpiece it is. The video is directed by Stefan Kohli and is just 4 minutes full of fun. In the opening scene, you see Ariana, Doja, and Megan in lingerie, living their best lives at an indoor pool, on lounge chairs while drinking champagne. Halfway into the video, the music stops for a scene where you see Ariana ordering some french fries, champagne, and ”a dessert which is lit on fire” for herself, Doja, and Megan — however, she can’t remember the name.

At the end of the video, the scene continues, and Ariana finally knows the name of the dessert: baked Alaska. She’s overcome with joy at that moment, but her reaction is for nothing, as the person whom Ariana tells her order to replies with disappointing news, as they have run out of… baked Alaska. What her reaction will be after she hears they don’t have the dessert anymore is up to you to see by checking out the music video. But I can say only one thing: I STAN THIS FRIENDSHIP.

And things are only getting better for the Arianators: Ariana will release the Deluxe Version of her Positions album next Friday. Four new songs and the remix of ”34+35” will be on there as well! As an Arianator by myself, I am NOT okay.

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