Anne-Marie teams up with Niall Horan for Our Song

The collab you've been waiting for is finally here!


The drought is finally over for us Niall Horan and Anne-Marie stans. After a month of waiting, their brand new single ”Our Song” finally dropped this Friday — a collab we never knew we needed!

Do you remember where you were when you saw the announcement that Niall Horan and Anne-Marie would release a song together? It’s been a wild ride. But finally, Niall dropped his first song of 2021 (while it’s Anne-Marie’s third song this year)!

”Our Song” is a cute, guitar-led pop song with lyrics like, ”Just when I think you’re gone, hear our song on the radio,” and, ”Just like that, takes me back to the places we used to go.” Can we conclude that the song is about a breakup with a loved one where they look back on the good moments from a relationship?

And if you drop an amazing song, you can also expect an amazing music video! Check out Niall and Anne-Marie driving away together in an old-school car before they get caught by a bunch of cops at the end.

”Our Song” will be featured on Anne-Marie’s second studio album, Therapy — which will be released on July 23rd. With songs like these, we just know that this album is going to be a good one.

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