aboutagirl release new single snOoZe to soothe your lockdown

They have quietly been behind hits for the stars like Lewis Capaldi and Rita Ora and on their way to becoming our faves.


aboutagirl are the fast-rising London duo who are no strangers to writing absolute bangers and we strongly suggest you check out their new chilled single ‘SnOoZe’. This might be the first time you’ve seen their name (known as Lost Boy and Tom Mann IRL), but you’ll definitely recognise who they’ve been behind the scenes for like Lewis Capaldi, Rita Ora, Anne Marie, L Devine, Jackson Wang and… well the list just keeps going.

‘SnOoZe’ (bonus points for correct capitalisation) is the perfectly timed track to remind us to slow down during these weird times. It lulls you in with an instantly upbeat sound before it slows down and drops a dreamy chorus on you like a breath of fresh air. With songwriting skills like this, no wonder every act in town wants to work with them!

There’s quite a cool range in their earlier material we’d definitely recommend ‘Deep Sea Diving’ for a tropical late night vibe and their last single ‘B-list’. ‘SnOoZe’ really shows a new side sonically to aboutagirl, who are seemingly ready to assert themselves into the bigger picture.

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