Jackson Wang’s fans create a global campaign to raise funds for victims of violence and human trafficking in honour of his birthday

Different fanbases from allover the world came together to celebrate Jackson's birthday in a meaningful way.


One of the greatest things that we as humans can do in our lifespan is be there for others when they are in need. There are many different ways that we do this and even the smallest gesture can have such a profound impact on those that it helps. And like a chain reaction, one small, seemingly insignificant gesture or word can grow into something so profound and life-changing that it has the power to change the world for the better.

These little acts of kindness grow even faster when there is someone to inspire you and that is what singer, rapper, and songwriter Jackson Wang, both a member of the K-Pop group GOT7 and a solo artist has done for millions of his fans all over the world.

Jackson’s very nature is one of love and kindness and he will always go out of his way to give support and aid to everyone around him, however, they need it. From debut with GOT7 to today, Jackson has always sought to encourage and nurture the very best in everyone he meets and will give so much to ensure that others are happy. Never turning his back on anyone in need and a firm believer in knowing your own self-worth, he often tells his fans that ‘nothing should hold them back’ and that they should ‘never let anyone dampen their spirit’ as he is well versed in what the power of negativity can do to a person. He has time and again lived by his own philosophies and refused to let the negative attitudes and actions of others towards him define or stop him from achieving his goals and that in of itself is cause to inspire others to follow in his footsteps.

So it is no surprise that in honour of his 27th birthday, which falls on March 28th, the passionate group of people behind the Twitter account.

These organizations were specifically chosen as they support causes that are near and dear to the hearts of many around the world. These charities seek to abolish the global issues of domestic violence, sexual slavery and human trafficking and to aid the men, women and children who have managed to escape from them or are still under such violations of human rights. The fandom wanted to give back to a man who inspired them and wanted to give to those who are suffering so that in their own small way, they could better someone else’s life the way their idol has for them and it is thanks to OT7Agha that this amazing contribution could be made a reality. They diligently contacted 28 countries across 6 different continents over the month of March and donated to each of the charities in Jackson’s name, securing certificates to ensure that there was proof that they did this in honour of their idol and for the people who are in the greatest need as well to encourage others to follow Jackson’s example.

Each branch of iGOT7s that were contacted in each of these countries responded to the Twitter account with enthusiasm and eagerness, especially the branches from the US, Hong Kong, South Korea, the UK, Thailand, Latin America, Mexico, Morocco, Africa, Spain, Turkey, the Philippines as well as many Arab countries. They and many others wanted to contribute to the cause, even if it was in a small way. So the legacy of Jackson Wang continues to grow as many organisations have expressed an interest in him and everything he has done due to the diligent work of OT7Agha account and the incredible work of iGOT7 as a fandom.

As time goes on, they hope to further the good work and to honour Jackson in ways that he would be proud of. Their aim is to take his words and actions to heart and to follow his examples at every opportunity.

So, come on AhGase and the rest of the world, ‘Stay hungry, hungry to do good, make change even if it begins with one person.’ ‘Let’s Make History’ and believe that you are #blessed.

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  1. Prachaya88 says

    What an amazing and meaningful project! It is humbling to think of all the people who will be positively affected as a result of fans wanting to celebrate Jackson Wang and his commitment to others.

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