Even The Simpsons haven’t escaped from Pokémon Go…


It seems the huge hype for Pokémon Go has spilled over to Springfield too, and Fox have released a clip of Homer playing the game whilst he’s supposed to be watching Bart and Lisa… some things do not change.

Homer seems to have taken the kids to the zoo as we can see Bart almost being ate by a lion, and Lisa making friends with a baby giraffe. Maybe a trip to the park wasn’t the best idea. Although it’s pretty obvious that Homer must have suggested the day out simply to get ahead in Pokémon Go, right?


Pokémon Go is now officially the most popular game app within US history as it continues to grow especially now it’s available in the UK and more places throughout the world.

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The Simpsons is currently on its 27th Season, and will be returning for it’s 28th this Autumn.

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