Katy Perry’s new shoe collection is literally artwork for your feet


Making a big comeback in the music scene, Katy Perry isn’t just ‘Chained to the Rhythm’; she’s making a huge fashion statement in the world of style thanks to her ‘Katy Perry Collection’ shoes.

Inspired by her travels, humor and incredible imagination, Katy Perry’s shoe collection is her personality in footwear form and guarantees to be your funkiest footwear yet. Here are a couple of our favourite pairs…

The Shannon

katy perry shoes collection the shannonInspired by a retro car, the attention to detail in these incredible flats is amazing. They come in three colours; Cherry Red, Baby Pink and Soft Blue. Perfect for dressing up or just making a fierce fashion statement.

Available from $129.00 (about £99)

The Margot

katy perry shoes collection the margot

The perfect pair of sandals for any 90s kid, inspired by everyone’s favourite puzzle toy. The simplicity of this design is elegant with a splash of quirk a la Katy. Available in Black, Cherry Red and Sunset.

Available for $100 (about £76.00)

The Perry

katy perry shoes collection the perry

Talk about your bit of bling, these heels are inspired by the golden age of hip hop with the infamous gold chain inspiring the heel design. These would look perfect for a smart casual event. You can get these in black, white or nude.

Available for $149 (around £114)

The Stella

katy perry shoes collection the stella

These heels are true show stoppers and are perfect for the summer season. The contrast of the multicoloured stars against the white body is simply stunning. These are my personal faves from the ‘Katy Perry Collection’.

Available for $139.00 (about £106.00)

The Jessica

katy perry shoes collection the jessica

Perfect for any cutesy kawaii fan, these bunny-inspired shoes are super cute. They can really be the staple of an outfit and are just too damn cute for words.

Available for $129.00 (around £106)

Though they’re a bit on the pricey side, Katycats looking for a special Christmas or birthday presents would be dazzled by any pair of shoes from Katy Perry’s collection.

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