Harry Styles’ photo of his new haircut leaves everything to the imagination and nothing to the media


Harry Styles has generally been considered the front man of One Direction during their five years as a band, before the hiatus of 2016. Show anyone a picture of the group, and even if they can’t name a single song, they’ll probably be able to recognize “the one with the hair.” Well, as of yesterday, he’s the one with the hair no more.


Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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Once you’re able to wrap your head around the fact that Harry’s holding in his hand the famous hair you’ve associated with him for so long, you start to wonder—how long will it be until we see the new look? He’s still rumored to be acting in the new Christopher Nolan WWII film ‘Dunkirk’, but will we have to wait until its release in 2017? Will paparazzi catch him before then? Or will Harry finally treat us to the Instagram selfie we’ve been dreaming about?


And then, in a desperate need for more information, you notice his caption. “Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust.” Well, whoops indeed Mr. Styles, but what’s this Little Princess Trust?


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Google Trends


Clearly, we’re not the only ones to have searched the term. According to Google data, that massive spike you see yesterday in the number of people searching “Little Princess Trust” occurred immediately after Harry’s Instagram post.


Little Princess Trust helps provide real hair wigs to boys and girls across the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment. They posted on their site, “We are grateful to ALL supporters who support the charity. However Harry’s global superstar status will help raise the profile of the Trust and will mean that we can help even more children who are experiencing hair loss.”


With nothing else to go on other than the photo of the chopped ponytail and the Little Princess Trust hashtag, the media couldn’t obsess over Harry’s physical appearance; they had to focus on the charity.


OMG — Harry Styles Chopped Off His Luscious Locks For Charity!‘ – Perez Hilton

Harry Styles Just Cut Off His Gorgeous Hair in the Name of Charity‘ – E! News

Harry Styles Chops Off Shoulder Length Hair, Donates Locks to Cancer Charity‘ – Entertainment Tonight

Harry Styles Donates His Man Bun To A Good Cause‘ – Refinery29


Think of the headlines we would’ve seen had Harry posted a selfie with his new haircut instead. Mentions of the Little Princess Trust would’ve been buried beneath essays lamenting the loss of the singer’s famous locks and criticizing his fresh cut. Thanks to Harry’s brilliant composition of his Instagram photo, we’re all focusing on what’s important: the boys the girls in the UK and Ireland whose lives can be changed through hair donation.


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