Harry Styles is “eccentric yet nonchalant” in latest Gucci campaign

He's shot by Harmony Korine for Gucci Pre-Fall 2019.


Harry Styles’ relationship with Gucci is arguably his longest and most public relationship to date. Most recently, the fashion house gave us Harry’s sheer-black-and-pearl-earring look for the Met Gala, making him the most-mentioned celebrity of the night on social media. They were also responsible for more than a few of his on-tour looks last year. Now, he’s the face of their Pre-Fall 2019 tailoring campaign.

Shot by filmmaker Harmony Korine, best known for Spring Breakers (2012), this campaign sees Harry with a red bandana tied around his head — a throwback to Where We Are Tour Harry, for the One Direction fans out there — and dressed in magenta, sapphire, and ruby tones. He’s surrounded by swans, pigs, and marble busts, a nod to Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s alleged love of antiquities. In an Instagram post, Gucci says, “[Harry] plays an eccentric yet nonchalant character accompanied by a gang of animals.”

According to High Snobiety, who know more about high fashion than we do, these Gucci looks Harry sports “feature long lapels on double-breasted blazers, a generous pant silhouette with monogram stripe, and a mixture of pool slides and white leather boots on foot.” HYPEBEAST says, “Pieces worn by Styles are oversized and nod to the 1970s.”

See all the photos from the Gucci Pre-Fall 2019 tailoring campaign featuring Harry Styles below.


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