Trend or Trash: Confetti Hair


Welcome back to another episode of ‘Trend or Trash’; where you let us know your thoughts on the latest viral trends that are certainly turning heads.

Today’s trend: Confetti Hair

The new hair trend to be taking over Instagram is ‘Confetti Hair’. The look consists of rainbow-coloured flecks of dye to create an optical illusion that’s truly mesmerising. The style was created by Australian salon, Blondes of Melbourne, who also created rainbow roots. The salon owner, Karen Lewis, says she called the look “confetti hair” because it’s soft, pretty, happy, and it imparts little spots of pure joy on the hair like confetti!”

The look is said to work best with candy-coloured pastels for a subtle effect or bright fashion colours for a more bold look. It also shows up best on light or bleached-blonde hair.

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It’s like an optical illusion!

This look will definitely be turning heads.

I think this look is insane, but the good kind. I can see it being a big summer/festival look and you’ll definitely be spotted in crowds.

What about you – are you crazy for confetti hair? Or just thinking they’re total trash? Give your opinion on confetti hair in the poll below and be sure to give your opinion on other head-turning trends.


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