7 places you should visit in Melbourne


Melbourne is a wonderful city. Full of life. Full of different people. I don’t exactly live in the city, but when I’m there, wow. I never realised how lucky I was. Melbourne was ranked the most liveable city for six consecutive years. That’s impressive.

If you have any plans to travel to Melbourne, Australia in the near future, let me tell you a few places you MUST visit. I’ve found a few secret places that are so good, I need to share them with the world.



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The best way to get the best view of Melbourne is the Eureka Skydeck. I got to go in a cube that slides out of the building. And the cube is pretty much glass so when you look down, shit. If you have a fear of heights, maybe this isn’t for you. But damn, it’s so worth it.



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Excuse the bad quality (the lighting was shit), but my friends and I have shared many events at this place

Dudes, honestly this is one of my favourite Italian restaurants in Melbourne. The food is amazing and it’s all home cooked. The desserts are to DIE for. The first time I ever ate here, my life had changed. The waiters are nice (and they’re good-looking. A bonus) and it’s fairly priced. Definitely recommend.



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This place is one of my favourite stores. If you love pop culture as much as I do, then you’re welcome. From Doctor Who to Supernatural, Minotaur has everything and anything you could want. Comics, figurines, games, souvenirs and more. Yes, it is a little pricy but you won’t find their stuff anywhere else.



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I find this place so interesting. A meeting place right next to one of the busiest train stations. It may not sound like much but it’s so great. On some nights, the square holds movie nights where people can set up and enjoy the evening. There are a few artistic pieces around which caught my eye a few times. So amazing.



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Obviously, the best photo I have ever taken at the Emporium

My favourite shopping mall located in the heart of Melbourne. Why? The toy department. It’s like a wonderland up there. My inner child was reborn. I didn’t know where to look. If you have kids, they need to experience this. If not, go anyway because it’s awesome.



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If you’re a coffee obsessed person like I am, this is the best place to go. It was even named the best coffee place in Australia. GET ON THIS PEOPLE. Experience the best coffee ever. I mean, I love it and I am a very fussy person. But each to their own. You have to experience it for yourself.



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If you want to feel like a rich person, go to Crown. The fanciest entertainment complex with an amazing casino. Home to many Aussie award shows. One time I put five dollars in a machine and ended up winning twenty-five dollars back. I felt like the biggest winner. I didn’t want to be too greedy. For a fun night out, dress up and attend Crown. It’s got a few nice restaurants there too. There’s also a brilliant water feature.

Trust me when I say, you’ll thank me later.

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