Not too late for more spooky reads

They aren't all horrors!


Throughout these months, we have recommended many YA horror/thriller novels, such as this roundup of 15 horror books that you should read for Halloween. We have also featured interviews and guest posts, such as Jennifer Claessen on The November Witches, Jennifer Lane on The Black Air, and Deirdre Sullivan on Wise Creatures. However, we thought, it is never enough. So, why not recommend 5 more spooky titles before we step into December?


Blood and Moonlight / Silence and Shadow by Erin Beaty 

This fantasy/murder mystery duology was first released in 2022 but it is getting a brand new release in the UK. What makes this duology so special is that with the protagonist being gifted with the power to recognize ‘structural failures in buildings’ (we are phrasing this horribly but we promise, it’s fun.), there are many fine details about Gothic architecture that readers will definitely love. And there are much more other lovely stuff to enjoy — Erin Beaty has also included the story of St Dymphna, who is the patron saint of the mentally ill, as well as subtle magic into the story.




When Ghosts Call Us Home by Katya de Becerra 

Before we go into what this book is about, please check out the US cover because it is gorg. Now, this has a super interesting plot — five years ago, Sophia’s sister Layla made a homemade horror movie, which became a cult and brought about many fan theories. Sophia didn’t particularly care about the movie, especially since it has been giving her nightmares. However, she had to revisit it after Layla disappeared… The atmosphere in this book is built incredibly well, and you will fear for Sophia revisits the found footage once again. We can definitely picture this book as a movie!




Channel Fear by Lisa Richardson

When amateur YouTubers Iris, Bryon, and Molly set out to find missing ghost hunting YouTuber stars Zach and Lucas, they did not expect to find the footage of their ‘last day’ in the abandoned Thornhanger House. This book ticks all the horror tropes, from creepy dolls to rocking chairs, and has been compared to The Blair Witch Project and The Haunting of Hill HouseChannel Fear definitely leaves you at the edge of your seat and will also leave you questioning everything when you reach the last page of the book.





The Night Hunt by Alexandra Christo

This is more of a dark fantasy than a horror/thriller but with Atia being a monster who feeds on fear, Silas being a Herald stripped of his own identity, and their mission being the murder of a vampire, a banshee, and a God, you understand why we would recommend this in our spooky reads recommendation. There is swoon-worthy romance, great world-building, and our favourite Greek mythologies are woven within.





You Better Watch Out by Sarah Naughton 

You know how people can never agree whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie? Very similar here — this is a thriller set in the Christmas period. In fact, You Better Watch Out follows Eleri as she “unboxes” her advent calendar every day, which sounds super heartwarming except that the presents are rather sinister… and are starting to remind her of the fact that her Secret Santa giftee disappeared last year… This of course is an absolute treat that you can devour in one sitting, but it is also written such that each chapter covers a day leading to Christmas, so you can totally spread it out over 24 days, if you can resist the temptation.






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