I Hold Your Heart: Country Crackers


This post is sponsored by Bloomsbury. 

Karen Gregory’s ‘I Hold Your Heart‘ shows how fast a relationship can spiral to being controlling and obsessive. Although a hard topic to read about, this is a reality for a lot of people today and it’s handled with the care and sensitivity it deserves.

In the book, we’re introduced to Gemma, one of the main characters, who has an undeniable talent for songwriting and a huge passion for country music. To celebrate the release, we’ve made a playlist that Gemma would be proud of. So add it to your Spotify library, turn it up loud and get stuck in to ‘I Hold Your Heart‘.

Have we missed your favourite country-pop tune? Let us know over on @unitedbypop.

Get Karen’s latest deeply compelling read onto your bookshelves now, ‘I Hold Your Heart’ is available to buy, here.

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