Could you be invited to one of Taylor Swift’s secret sessions?

Let the games begin.


It’s happening! Taylor Swift‘s legendary secret sessions are taking place and exciting details are emerging online. Every album cycle since 2014, hardcore fans are handpicked and invited to hang out with the pop star in her homes around the world.

The lucky chosen ones not only get to hear the entire album before it comes out, but also get treated like Taylor’s BFFs and get to connect with her on a personal level. It’s all top secret, of course, and fans are trusted not to directly quote her or spill any important details before the release date.

This era’s ‘Lover’ secret sessions have already happened in London and Nashville where Swifties ate Taylor’s homemade rice krispie treats, got to jump on her trampoline and went home with bags full of gifted merch. We’re not jel at all.

More sessions are expected to take place in LA, Rhode Island and NYC over the next week or so – but could you be invited? Take our fun quiz to find out if you could be chilling with Tay-Tay one day.

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