Read a stunning extract of Art of Protest by De Nichols

"Start making. Start being the change you want to see in this world." De Nichols

This post is sponsored by Bonnier Books UK. 

Art of Protest is the sensational debut non-fiction title from is a US-based ‘artivist’, social impact designer, serial entrepreneur and TEDx speaker, De Nichols. Through visually stunning and engaging pages, Art of Protest brilliantly highlights the history and power of protest through art and words.

With 10% of the proceeds of Art of Protest being donated to youth-led movement for good, Do Something, Art of Protest makes for a perfectly educational, enlightening and inspiring read for tweens, teens and adults alike.

Can’t wait to start reading? We’re so excited to have an extract of Art of Protest for you to read right here and now. 


Grab your copy of Art of Protest by De Nichols here

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