Read an Extract from My Own Worst Enemy by Lily Lindon

Second book from the author of the hilarious and heartwarming Double Booked.

The following extract from My Own Worst Enemy by Lily Lindon is provided by Aria, Head of Zeus. 

Last year, we invited Lily Lindon to chat with us about Double Bookedtheir funny and heartfelt debut novel. Lily chatted about bisexuals being wrongly associated with cheaters, biphobia within the LGBTQ+ community, and how queer people still make mistake. Today, we are delighted to share an excerpt to her upcoming novel, My Own Worst Enemy. 

Queer people are still people, it’s not a magic wand of unique moral perfection. We’re all still learning and growing. At the end of the day, queer people are not automatically nor exclusively able to be ‘kind’ or ‘accepting’!

My Own Worst Enemy is an enemies to lovers rom-com set in the London theatre scene, which should be incredibly interesting as Lily was a member of the famous Footlights while studying at the University of Cambridge. Following actor Emmy Clooney who only falls in love with women who look just like her: butch and athletic, with short messy hair, Lily Lindon’s second book is promised to be an absolute fun.

Emmy’s lookalikes never seem to like her back. Then Emmy meets Mae, a fellow actor who could be her twin, and she senses danger. Despite Emmy’s inevitable attraction to Mae, their personalities could not be further apart. They clash on everything. Even worse, they are the same casting type – and Mae keeps swiping all the best parts. When they get cast in the same play, will Emmy find a way to overcome her insecurities and act nicely with Mae? Or is it time to take their rivalry to the next stage…

Read on for the exclusive extract:


Isn’t this great?! We are definitely NOT saying ‘Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers’ as we write this… And what’s great about moving My Own Worst Enemy to the top of your TBR pile — June is Pride Month and this should be a perfect read.

My Own Worst Enemy is out June 8, 2023. (Aria, Head of Zeus) 

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