Kate Spencer chats viral stories and her rom-com In a New York Minute

We chat with Kate Spencer about her fun rom-com In a New York Minute


Franny’s been sacked, and the subway doors ripped her favorite dress to ruins. Her horrible day is briefly saved by a dashing stranger who came to her rescue with his (Gucci!) suit jacket, until she realised someone posted about it online and started shipping them as #SubwayQTs… We chat with Kate Spencer about her fun rom-com In a New York Minute, and her thoughts on filming strangers in the public.

Loving this UK cover! Can you tell us what you like the most about each cover?

In a New York Minute starts with Franny getting fired and her dress being ripped open on the Q train. If you look inside your handbag now, do you have anything that can help you close up your dress in the hypothetical situation that this happened to you?

I do have a giant hair clip that I think could work in a pinch, and perhaps there’s something I could do with chewing gum. But otherwise – no! It’s just a mess of sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen. I’d be utterly useless.

Franny and Hayes became the newest social media sensation when a stranger posted them on Instagram. If you go viral like Franny, would you want to hide forever or use it to your advantage?

I would definitely hunker down, shutter my accounts, and avoid the internet at all costs.

And in general, what do you think about the trend of filming and posting strangers on the internet?

I am definitely uncomfortable with the filming of strangers without their knowledge, like in the plane baes viral story. I understand the temptation and the urge to do it, and I think it’s amazing how humans have this innate desire to tell and create stories. But I find the invasion of privacy in those situations to be incredibly jarring. However I do think filming and posting strangers on the internet can be a powerful tool for an individual and or a community’s safety, as well as vital for social justice.

Franny and Hayes were invited to New York News to chat about their “meet cute”, which became very awkward. This reminds us of the time when a couple’s 3-year-long Tinder conversation went viral in 2017 and they finally met on Good Morning America. Which internet viral stories have captured your heart?

Subway Girl of My Dreams is a classic one I followed way back in 2007. I also loved 40 Days of Dating.

Other than being a romcom, In a New York Minute also celebrates friendship and the Big Apple. Franny has such an amazing friendship group. What do you think her friends, Cleo and Lola, might go viral for?

I love imagining Cleo finding a following on TikTok where she gives sound professional advice mixed in with astrological tips to Gen Z. Lola seems like the type of person who has zero online footprint but also orchestrates a viral wedding engagement.

And finally, please share with us your favourite romcoms set in New York?

When Harry Met Sally is my absolute favorite. It’s a classic for a reason and brings me such joy everytime I watch it, which clocks in at about two times per year. Obvious Child and Set It Up are two from the last ten years that I really enjoyed as well.

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