The hilarious trailer for ‘Why Him?’ is a MUST watch


Oh my god, this trailer made me laugh. Usually I crack a smile or a chuckle. Not this time. I literally laughed out loud in front of everybody in the cinemas. I never do that. Granted, it was the end of the week and I might’ve been delusional. But in all honestly, ‘Why Him?’ looks fantastic. I’ll reserve my opinion until I actually see the film.

The hilarious trailer for 'Why Him?' is a MUST watch 1
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If you have no idea what ‘Why Him?’ is all about, let me fill you in. Ned and his family visit their daughter for the holidays at Stanford. It seems like a perfect family gathering, right? Enter the awkward billionaire boyfriend. Shit is going to go down and I am so here for it.

With Bryan Cranston as Ned (that guy from ‘Breaking Bad’ – one of the best shows ever) and James Franco as the boyfriend, ‘Why Him?’ looks like it’ll be a hilarious family film. Because who can say no to a good laugh?

The hilarious trailer for 'Why Him?' is a MUST watch 2
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So pretty much I went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them‘ last weekend (it was good btw). The trailer for ‘Why Him?’ played and my friend and I couldn’t stop laughing. The people in the cinema also found it hilarious. Check out the trailer for yourself and get ready to laugh.

Did you pee yourself from laughing too hard? It’s okay, we’re all family here. ‘Why Him?’ hits cinemas on Dec. 23rd in the U.S. and Dec. 26th in the UK. It’s going to be lit.

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