WATCH: ‘Why Him?’ sneak peeks to get you pumped


I’m assuming by now you’ve all seen the hilarious trailer for ‘Why Him?‘ You can’t go wrong with James Franco and Bryan Cranston, am I right? Perfect casting choices. The film is released over the Christmas weekend and is guaranteed to be a hit with everybody.

To celebrate the release, I have a surprise for you all. You better check your Christmas stockings because I’ve given you a bunch of sneak peeks to watch. You’re welcome.

WATCH: 'Why Him?' sneak peeks to get you pumped 1
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As I watched the short clips, I could see how well James Franco played the socially-awkward billionaire. It’s so great and it is probably me in the future. When I get rich. Key word being “when”. Also, the whole situation with Laird and the parents is so weird and awkward, I am down for this. Don’t believe me? Watch for yourself.

I’m going to be completely honest, but I’m kind of digging this shirtless James Franco. I’d probably go just for that, to be honest, but I appreciate the story too. Could you imagine if one of my boyfriends ever did that to my parents? Oh man. However, seeing as it’s his house, the tables have turned.

Also, there’s a really cool featurette that I happened to watch too which was really cool. It’s a look around Laird’s Lair.

Don’t forget to head down to the cinemas on Boxing Day to experience this comedy gold. I’ll be there, will you?

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