TV shows to binge watch when you’re sick


This past weekend has been nice and relaxing. I laid on the couch for almost 2 days straight. But it isn’t what you think. I was sick with a terrible cold. In spring. What a waste of a weekend. Or was it? The only way I survived was binge-watching a bunch of TV shows. So it wasn’t all bad.

If you’re sick at home and don’t know what to watch, let me pass on my TV wisdom.

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First of all, this show has over 200 episodes. Brand new case every episode. Secondly, the cast are amazing. I grew attached so fast to all the characters. ‘Criminal Minds’ is one of my guilty pleasures. Who doesn’t love the good guys catching serial killers? Definite eye-candy too. You’re welcome.



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One of the most addictive and dramatic shows I’ve ever watched. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has it all. Interesting medical cases, amazing characters and the storylines are crazy. It’s an addiction and I can’t stop. Meredith Grey is one hell of a woman. Also, the doctors at that hospital are on point, damn.



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I found this show by mistake and oh my god, I’ve been missing out. If you hate reality shows like The Bachelor/Bachelorette, watch this show now. ‘UnREAL’ is about a reality TV producer and the lengths she goes to produce hit ratings for her show. One can’t help but wonder if this happens in real life… hmm? Must watch.



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If you’re sick of all the typical drama shows, ‘Black Mirror’ will leave you shook. Each episode has a completely different story and cast. It left me uneasy and stunned. If you like “out of this world” stories, I highly recommend ‘Black Mirror’. There are only 13 episodes so far, however, don’t let that fool you. Each episode normally leaves you saying “what the fuck?”



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Saving people, hunting things, the family business. Two brothers road tripping around America hunting supernatural creatures. Sounds fun, right? Be careful, it’ll suck you in and won’t spit you back out. My absolute fave show to binge-watch when I’m sick. I’ve got over 11 seasons worth of stories. Marathon anyone? You may be surprised.



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One of the most popular shows on Netflix. And one of my favourites. This show literally has it all. Drama, mystery, romance, horror, adventure and Winona Ryder. I mean, honestly, if you haven’t watched it yet get out from under that rock? Thank me later.

Next time you’re home sick, think of this article. You’re welcome.


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