Why the #TIMESUP movement is so important

Join these celebrities in the fight against sexual harassment and abuse.


If you watched the 75th annual Golden Globes this past weekend, you’re probably familiar with the movement that had everyone talking. TIME’S UP is an epic movement to put an end to the ever-growing issue of sexual assault. With all the recent allegations about very prominent and powerful men in the entertainment industry sexually assaulting women, it can’t come at a better time—the initiative to do something is so crucial.

Actresses like Natalie Portman, Reese Witherspoon, America Ferrera, Rashida Jones, Emma Stone, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington have become key leaders in TIME’S UP. Activist and director Amber Tamblyn is also offering her leadership for the movement, posting an open letter that appeared in the New York Times and La Opinión that asks men and women alike to stand in solidarity with victims of harassment.

Dawning black and TIME’S UP pins, stars on the red carpet showed their support for the movement and what it stood for. With some of these celebrities voicing their opinions about the vitality of speaking up and calling out people who’ve done wrong—no matter what their reputation is in the industry—it strives to bring some kind of hope to victims of sexual assault.

Very popular and in demand celebrities have been advocating for TIME’S UP through social media as well. Stars like Dua Lipa, Hilary Duff, Gabrielle Union, Cara Delevingne, Aly & AJ, Charli XCX and Emilia Clarke are lending a helping hand in ending the threat of sexual harassment in any type of environment.

Standing in solidarity #TIMESUP #WHYWEWEARBLACK @timesupnow

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You can find out more about TIME’S UP here and by following TIME’S UP on Twitter and Instagram

You can also donate to the TIME’S UP Legal Defense Fund where all proceeds help provide subsidized legal services for individuals subjected to workplace sexual harassment and abuse. 

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